2019:  The Year that Brings more Adoption to the Cryptocurrency Industry

2019 will be the year that brings more adoption to the cryptocurrency industry. It will be the year that brings more regulations to the market, as well as the year that banks acknowledge that blockchain technology is the inevitable future of the financial system. The “bear market” should be over towards the end of the […]

Bitcoin Scam Hits Two New Jersey ATM’s

Warnings are being sent out across the state of New Jersey after reports surfaced of scams involving New Jersey Bitcoin ATMs. Scammers are mixing older and newer – more clever methods to prey on unknowing people and rob them of money. In addition to the new phone call technique which is described below, scammers are […]

BelcoBTM Announces New Website Launch

HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY (NOV. 18, 2018) — BelcoBTM, a leading provider of Bitcoin vending services to local customers, announced today, the launch of its newly revamped website at The newly redesigned website offers quick and easy access to essential information and features. It also offers more comprehensive information about the company’s Bitcoin ATM’s and […]

Bitcoin Kiosks Expand in New Jersey

The first Bitcoin ATM in North Bergen, New Jersey has just been installed and is now fully operational, offering the convenience of trading US dollars to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Operated by the US-based cryptocurrency kiosk company Belco BTM, the Bitcoin machine is currently located at the Delta Food Mart convenience store on JFK Blvd. and […]

Digital Dollars: North Bergen Gets First Bitcoin Currency Kiosk

There’s a new ATM machine in town, but it doesn’t dispense real money. The machine is next to the counter of the Delta Food Mart convenience store on JFK Blvd. and 91st Street. Its label, “Bitcoin ATM” may clue customers in to its unusual nature: Users can put regular money in, and it’s converted to […]