Bitcoin to Rand – Bitcoin market Guide South Africa

Today I am going to show you how to use cryptocurrencies the best way in South Africa: Use Bitcoin to Rand for payments. Buy and sell bitcoins without having a bank account Earn money with bitcoins. Why South Africa? South Africa holds rank #4 of cryptocurrency owners world wide! That’s why in this extensive bitcoin […]

BelcoBTM expands Cryptocurrency ATM’s throughout Florida

BelcoBTM, a leading provider of Bitcoin vending services to local customers, announced today, the launch of its Crypto ATM expansion into the Florida market. The New Jersey Based company is dedicated to expanding their Bitcoin ATM services to everyday consumers with the convenience of buying and selling cryptocurrency - Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, BCH [...]

Expert Roundup: Cryptocurrency & Peer to Peer Bitcoin Trading in Africa: The Paxful Blog

Peer to Peer Bitcoin Trading in Africa Cryptocurrency and peer to peer bitcoin trading have proven to become a financial boon for emerging economies in Africa. Since their inception, these digital currencies have provided a financial platform for the underbanked which traditional banks had not been able to do for centuries. Be it e-commerce, remittance, wealth […]

Crypto 101

What is Cryptocurrency? Crypto 101:  Cryptocurrency, digital currency, and virtual currency are all names for money that can be sent digitally and, most often, operate independently of a central bank. Digital currencies most often deploy encryption techniques to generate the units of a currency. In theory, cryptocurrencies solve problems such as double-spend. [1]   Crypto […]

Crypto ATMs Industry Expected to Surge

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have taken the world by storm over the last 2-3 years, but the missing link to mainstream adoption has still not arrived. Some industry experts are forecasting that crypto ATMs could be that missing link that drives adoption to the next level. This forecast is partially due to the crypto ATM industry’s […]

Litecoin Halving Explained

Litecoin Halving, What is it? Litecoin Halving is a 50% reduction in block reward after a certain number of blocks have been mined; and block reward is the number of coins received in reward by a miner for successfully mining a correct block. At present, Litecoin miners are mining a Litecoin block every two and […]

Cryptocurrency ATMs are Going Mainstream

Cryptocurrency ATMs Once upon a time (2014), it seemed digital currencies were only used for down payment on getting someone whacked. Nowadays, everyone and their grandma have taken an interest in cryptocurrencies especially after the explosion of Bitcoin.  There’s only one problem with all this digital money, how do you turn it into good old […]

Cryptocurrency Kiosks Company BelcoBTM Integrates XRP Across 12 Stores in New Jersey

XRP is once again on hottest bulletins of adoption – one of the USA cryptocurrency kiosks company, BelcoBTM announces the support of XRP in its crypto ATMs installed across 12 stores in New Jersey. The company offers crypto purchase and sales of leading cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Binance Coin (BNB) – […]

2019:  The Year that Brings more Adoption to the Cryptocurrency Industry

Cryptocurrency Industry, 2019 will be the year that brings more adoption to the cryptocurrency industry. It will be the year that brings more regulations to the market, as well as the year that banks acknowledge that blockchain technology is the inevitable future of the financial system. The “bear market” should be over towards the end […]

Bitcoin Scam Hits Two New Jersey ATM’s

New Jersey ATM's, Warnings are being sent out across the state of New Jersey after reports surfaced of scams involving New Jersey Bitcoin ATMs. Scammers are mixing older and newer - more clever methods to prey on unknowing people and rob them of money. In addition to the new phone call technique which is described [...]