Cryptocurrency Kiosks Company BelcoBTM Integrates XRP Across 12 Stores in New Jersey

XRP is once again on hottest bulletins of adoption – one of the USA cryptocurrency kiosks company, BelcoBTM announces the support of XRP in its crypto ATMs installed across 12 stores in New Jersey.

The company offers crypto purchase and sales of leading cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Binance Coin (BNB) – XRP being added on April 17, 2019. According to BelcoBTM, users can use Binance’s official TrustWallet to store purchased cryptocurrencies from its Crypto ATM.

The platform offers this service in 12 stores in New Jersey (NJ), few of those stores in NJ include Hoboken Wireless, Ghost Tech Center, Delta Foodmart, King Wireless, American Egyptian Grocery & Deli, Chill Convenience Store, JBM Tech (Boost Mobile), Paradise Deli and Grocery and more. Nevertheless, the firm is presently charging fees between 5 – 10% based on ‘customer tier, commenting on a similar question, the platform states that:

BelcoBTM claims that the system is quite simple and anyone who wishes to buy or sell crypto at BelcoBTM, has to follow three steps. It also reveals that the firm is using Generlabytes ATM machines (the leading bitcoin and blockchain technology provider) which is reportedly flexible in integrating new coins.

The platform has eventually received an excellent response from XRP community and consequently, a Twitter user ‘CrytpoMedia News Desk’ shared his experience of purchasing XRP in New Jersey from BelcoBTM to TrustWallet.

He says:

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If you live in New Jersey – check out one of the ATMs from BelcoBTM to purchase and sell leading cryptocurrencies here:

Article written by: Tabassum Naiz, writer for Ripple Coin News

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